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lunedì 7 luglio 2014

Granny squares tip and trick

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Hello lovelies! Do you remember the mood blanket 2014 contest? I want to show you the squares of july:::the inspiration this time come from LOVE. Granny squares blankets in my imaginary represent sentimental ties and family love and july is a special month to celebrate...

I know that summer is definitively arrived and it's time to put the blanket in the closet, but you know that I'm a granny addicted so I can't stop to talking about this topic yep! For this reason I collect some tips hoping this will be useful to arrange your own blanket project:

-Go to the yarnstore with an accurate list of colors::: or you will buy everything

-Bored of the classic pattern? Take a look at Barbara's  squares motif collection::: you can choose between over 100 patterns! 

-Select carefully your colors combination::: actually I use to do some squares with random colors and other with similar shades to obtain a gradient. P.S.  If you want to be sure that your choise is not affected by your liking you can use a list randomizer (go nerdy!)

-For every color combination make a fixed number of squares::: for this project I change color combination every 4 squares::: in my opinion this can help to achieve a good proportion of color shades

-Take care of the gauge::: make sure that  the crocheted piece you make will be the right size when it's completed::: see my attemp below

I hope I have not bored you with all this talking about granny.. anyway have a great july!

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♥Rose Hill♥ ha detto...

Lovely, very lovely...i enjoy making granny squares.... Your colours are gorgeous!!

Elisabeth D ha detto...

Beautiful colors and squares! Good tip about taking a list to the yarn store....even when I do that I still end up buying more than I need :) Have a great day! xx

Nicole ha detto...

They're great Granny Squares :-) It might be summer but if you keep crocheting it will be finished for winter! Thanks for the links too, I have a book called Anything But The Square, which is similar :-)

Pigtails ha detto...

Hello! I finally get a chance to pop into your blog and wow, what a great space! Took one look at your blogname and recognised the language as Finnish. I have a Finnish friend and am used to seeing the language via her FB feed. Are you thus an expat living in Italy? Great yarn colour choices. It is almost midnight now, but I will definitely spend more time reading your blog first thing in the morning. Cheers!

Natas Nest ha detto...

Lovely grannies, good tips! Thanks for the link to the list randomizer. I saw already some other randomizers but not this one up to now. I think they are nice to play with and conincidentally helpful :-). Happy Sunday! Nata xxx

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