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lunedì 10 novembre 2014

New friends and mittens

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Hello! How are you going today? Good I hope! Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post, I'm very happy to ear you like my new potholders!

The last week I was thrilled to go over to my new friends 'I fiori di Marica' blog to find that they had nominated me for the Liebster Blog award! Thanks! 

You may have seen this award mentioned on various blogs::: to nominate your "dearest" blogs you have to choose someone with fewer than 200 followers and recipients are asked to list some random facts about themselves. So here we go::::

1 :: Who has influenced you most in your life?
The most obvious choice would be my family, expecially my grandfather, but aside from them it's probably the very special people that I meet during high school and university years.

2 :: If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
I would like to travel a lot ::: but at the end certainly I prefer to live anywere in Italy

3 :: If you went back to school what would you choose to study?
Evolutionary Biology & Genetics. Again. But for for my phd I will choose another country

4 :: Are you impulsive when making decisions or do you ponder things first?
Ponder:::ponder:::ponder. Random impulsive decisions sometimes occurs as a result of tiny changes like in Punctated equilibrium theory

5 :: What is your food preference when you eat out?
Sushi (no matter about metal poisoning)

6 :: Looking at your average day, what do you enjoy best?
Going home from work, have a cup of tea, relax and crocheting

7 :: What gives you the least pleasure in your daily routine?
Going to work and do routine work

8 :: Is there a famous person that you would love to meet, and why?
I'd like to meet Eddie Vedder because he is not only the leader of one of my favourite band Pearl Jam but also a social and enviromental activist. 

9 :: Tell us about a favourite place in your locality that you like to visit
During spring and summer I'd like to visit the hills around the city 

10 :: If you were marooned on an island what would you choose to have with you?

11 :: What is your favourite type of film?
Japanese anime of Miyazaki

Now I’m supposed to present my own list of questions to some bloggers I choose for the Liebster Award. 

Firstly I will award to Julia elena :::: she is a young new blogger but not new to the world of arts & crafts and I suggest to pop into her blog. Another multitasking blogger I discover recently is Simona at 'by Mrs carrot'::: I immediately fall in love with all her project crocheted , knitted or embroidered. I also want to nominatye Aja  and Laura two sister 'Bajo un limonero' ::: a blog full of nice DIY and  amazing pictures. And finally two talented italian girls: Alice at 'Alycrash creations' a versatile blog and Lisa at 'Piccolecose' where you can find adorable softie toys. Last but not least Vale at 'Le idee della Vale', a super cute blog full of nice ideas :::: don't miss her 'craft review'!

Thank you for reading, and for your patience:: I have a big news I will shortly announce my new mittens pattern::::

Stay tuned and have a great monday!

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Julia Elena ha detto...

Thanks for this little award! Nice to hear such a lovely opinion about me. Which questions should I answer?

Melatia ha detto...

Those grey and purple mittens are really cute, now I'm curious to read the pattern... : )

ranjitha@Hookingtheyarn ha detto...

Congratulations silvia!! On your award. Enjoyed reading a bit about you. I totally love the feeling of going home from work and crocheting :-)
Lovely mittens!! :-)

airali ha detto...

È bello leggere un po' di cose su di te!!! Molto carini i nuovi guanti :)

linda ha detto...

Congratulations on your award, I love the pot holders and the mittens. :)

Anitha ha detto...

Lovely post! enjoyed knowing more about you.. and i love japanese anime too :)

Helen ha detto...

What a lovely post! Where did you do your PhD? The pot holders really are wonderful, and I love the look of the mittens :)

Valentina La Vale ha detto...

Silvia!!! Grazie per il premio!! Scusa se passo a ringraziarti solo adesso ma nei giorni prima di un mercatino (sopratutto se è il primo della stagione) sono sempre un po' "Out of it"... spero che riuscirai a passare domani.... se, vicino ad un banchetto con la tovaglia bianca a pois neri, vedi una tizia che parla a macchinetta o giace su una sedia fissando il vuoto (non conosco le vie di mezzo :D!)...beh, potrei essere io :D!! becchiamo il 14 ;)

Teresa Brudzińska ha detto...

te z rudym-świetne są.
pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie (mam dwa ) blogi:
szydełko i jeszcze raz szydeł

Pozdrawiam , pa pa

Maddalena ha detto...

Bellissime idee e colori! Trovo le presine davvero originali !
A presto

Nicole ha detto...

Loving your mittens, although I've just knitted some I could always do with more so I'll be keeping any eye out for your pattern :-)

The pot holders look fab too, they must really brighten up your kitchen! x

Pigtails ha detto...

Hello! I awarded you a Liebster - up for grabs on my blog + 10 questions. Cheers!

alycrash ha detto...

Ciao Silvia, infinitamente grazie di avermi nominata nella tua lista! Il tuo blog e le tue creazioni sono meravigliose. Spero a presto. Alice

Natas Nest ha detto...

Congratulations on your awards, super! Your mittens and potholders are very pretty, nice color combinations. Have a great day! Nata xxx

Denise Briese ha detto...

I love those mitts!!!

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