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sabato 27 settembre 2014

Doing homework

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Hello crafty people! It's been a while since I had show you some squares regarding the mood blanket 2014 contest!  But school is already started and for sure I do my homework!

I'm enjoying every step of this journey but during the last month my little mountains of squares grew and grew, and I have to confess that I can't wait to assembly the blanket!

Thank you for your sweet comments in my previous post, they really motivate me::: I have a big news::: a fingerless gloves pattern with tutorial will be published here on the blog very soon! I took the last pictures for my upcoming step-by-step tutorial and I laid down the written pattern so it will be released soon. Stay tuned! 

And you ::: What have you been working on? Wishing you a happy week end!

domenica 21 settembre 2014

Baktus mania

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Hello lovelies, I want to thank you all for the comments on my last post::: So glad to see you here! I'm back from my nice trip to Sardinia and as my first project from my break, I'll show you my Baktus scarf!

Searching for a one-skein pattern for a scarf or small shawl, I stumbled across a super easy crocheted Baktus that I found on Ana's blog.. she'e quite addicted to Baktus! It has the shape of an elongated triangle, with narrow tips and a wider center. 

I heard Baktus comes from Norway, where it became very popular some time ago.  The original pattern is a knitted version and in Raverly there is a huge gallery of Baktus made with different yarns::: The method couldn’t be simpler. You weigh your yarn, cast on a few stitches, and then increase every so many rows, always on the same side. When you have half the yarn left, start decreases!

I follow the most popular pattern on Raverly by Helda Panagary, using a soft blue shade chunky yarn and a 8mm hook::: I confess it's the perfect project to work on in relax during the afternoon or evening! N.B. This pattern is written in UK crochet terminology::: I notice it too late, so I realize my Baktus scarf in US double crochet! 

Hope you're enjoying a nice weekend!

domenica 7 settembre 2014

Pop up your september

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Hello dear readers! September It's a new month, so it's time for a new crochet project!  I have a deep affection for bulky yarn, and this time I use it to make a colourful zippered pouch! 

I was searching for a pattern of a cozy purse and I found this lovely project of  Lindsay and immediatly fall in love with! I realize two bags with the same shape but with different colors::: aren't they super-pop?

Now I need two colourful zippers, a beautiful piece of fabric, a sewing machine and someone to teach me how to sew the zipper to the crochet clutch!

This is a short post because my luggage is ready for another break:::I'm gonna spend two weeks in the beautiful Sardinia island! 

Hope you have a great sunday and an inspiring september!

martedì 2 settembre 2014

Good bye August

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Hello lovelies! This month is ending and I realize I haven't blogged since the beginning!  I apologies for my absence::: after the 'Blog hop' I visit my parents for summer vacation and return to my small village in the countryside:::  I have needed a little break!

In the village there is no internet connection, no shops except a small bar ::: a super-relaxing way to live your vacation! I spent my time walking around in the nature, doing some botanical exploration and bump into some nice friends!

I left my hook at home but I take a picture of my mother's granny square blanket that is now in  my bed!

During these days I also collect some family times that are so precious to me, cooking with mum and growing vegetables with dad.  I really hope you enjoy my pictures and tales from my small village::: Have a nice week!