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Visiting some beautiful blog I have been inspired to turn my first granny squares blanket... in a mood blanket!!!
I found out about it through Ana's blog (thanks!)

The rules of the game are the following:

1. Think up a few moods and feelings,  find some favourites yarn in different shades that will reflect those moods

2.  Crochet or knit one square a day (or one a week) in the colour that reflects your mood that day (or week)

3.  Join  the squares to form a blanket made up of 365 or 52 squares

4.  Step back and admire your Mood Blanket!!!

I choose the 52 squares challenge, as do one square a day is really overwhelming because I have already got a lot of project that are ongoing.. I also personally decided to choose the color not related to my feelings but to the new month inspiration.

                                                                      So are you in?

There is a group on Facebook where share progress and ask questions along the way.
 If you want to share on Instagram, use the hashtag: #crochetmoodblanket2014
I'll be updating my progress in this page, so let's see how is coming along!
If you have already started your blanket, leave a comment with the link so I can see your progress!