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mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

Pop-Up your yarn

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Bored of the ordinary yarn colour? Pop up your yarn stash!!!
Jen Renee has a great idea:: dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid! She use a U.S popular instant drink powder, but we can try the dyeing experience with other colorful drink! Any suggestion?

This technique is very simple and you can manage easily at home; you do not have to add any chemicals  (maybe are already in?). Basically you need:::

:::pure wool 
:::colorful instant drink powder 

We can try to improve this technique  adding something to fix the color (someone suggest vinegar) that will make it less likely to fade when you wash it.
Enjoy pop-up your stash and have a flashbacks to the teenage years!

images by
Jen Renee

domenica 16 marzo 2014

My first granny squares blanket!

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So that’s the confession:: I learn to crochet because I want to create my own granny squares blanket!
Granny squares are easy for beginners (like me) to learn, but at the same time, versatile and always intriguing. If you're new to crochet, the granny square is a fantastic first project:: it’s gorgeous to select your colour combination and it’s easy to fix your mistake before assembling the blanket.
At the beginning, I consider to use the traditional pattern but searching around the web I was amazed by endless possibility of square shape - just check out Barbara's 'Beyond the squares challenge'-. After all I was inspired and completely fascinated by the “summer garden granny squares “ I’d seen made by Lucy of Attic24.

images by Lucy of Attic24

She generously shares her pattern for squares, joining, and  pretty edging using great picture tutorial.  

So let’s take a look of my first squares::: I'll be updating my progress in the 'MOOD BLANKET 2014', so let's see how is coming along!