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lunedì 21 luglio 2014

Around the World..... Blog Hop!

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Happy monday to everyone! Today I am participating in Around the World Blog Hop.
Thank you Ruth from Rose hill collection for inviting me! Ruth is one of my first bloggy friends::: she is a lovely  dreamer from Bangalore who loves crafting and family activity. Her posts are always joyful and happy, I'd highly recommend hopping over to visit.

To take part in the Blog Hop I have four questions to answer regarding my creative thinking that will help you to get to know my crafty universe a little better. So here we go::::

1. What am I working on? 

Granny squares blanket is my ongoing project::: It's a really lovely blanket to pick up and put down as it doesn't need much concentration to work on it and it's a great way to get practice. I also like making small things that I can use regularly or become a perfect present for friends like fingerless gloves or a pochette that I'm going to start. These small projects that I can complete in a week end are giving me a lot of satisfaction!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

If I was asked to describe my style I would say that I like the things I make to be quite simple in pattern and colourful. I love to work with chunky yarn, to crochet scarf and other accessories::: they looks like cute and cozy! 

I also like anything with a retro style, from forniture to accessories, and I would like to give my creations a vintage but fresh look. I'm a novice crocheter, and haven't ever designed anything so I draw a lot of inspiration from other blogs::: but I try to bring a personal touch to my creation hoping they reflect me a little bit.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I crochet because it brings me enjoyment and I like making things with my own hands. I've always tried to play with buttons and threads::: think to work on my non existant knitting skills and to try to start sewing. I also play with old band t-shirts, jeans, platic boxes or glass jar as recycling targets because I belive in the philosophy of reuse! I love create things and I enjoy all parts of the process, the planning, the yarnstore, the making and to see my ideas come to life and someone else appreciate something I have made. Crochet it's also extremely relaxing:::when I'm back from work crochet is my number one choice for down time. 

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

My creative process could start with an idea or a picture pops in to my head, sometimes I'll been inspired by a color combination or a interesting stitch I have picked up from all the lovely blogs out there. My interests shift quite frequently::: I love do experiment with different color combinations, different yarns and materials,  trying new things out and learning new techniques. 

I've really enjoyed answering the questions for this blog hop and I hope this gives you a little insight my world of creativity::: it now gives me great pleasure to introduce one of my favourite blogger Magda of Pigtails to talk about her creative process:::

Have a great week!

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♥Rose Hill♥ ha detto...

Hi Silvia, crochet is my first choice of downtime activities too... I love your creations and definitely enjoy reading your posts.... Thank you for your kind words!

Pigtails ha detto...

I love reading more about other bloggers and their craft! I really enjoy how crochet can portray so many different looks depending on stitch and yarn colour - from retro to romantic, boho to contemporary. I agree, it is the best activity for downtime that I have ever engaged in. great posting and thank you so much for including me in the hop. It is fun to participate

Pigtails ha detto...

Will let you know as soon as I do a posting xxxxx

Anitha ha detto...

Lovely granny squares, Silvia... even i've planned to try my hands on knitting and sewing..enjoyed reading about your creative process :) have a great day!

Tämä Pöllö ha detto...

Thank you lovelies! I'm happy that you enjoyed reading a little bit about my creative universe! Magda, I am looking forward to be reading your posting! Hugs!

airali ha detto...

Mi è piaciuto leggere di te e conoscerti un po' meglio :)

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