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lunedì 25 maggio 2015

Summer gift party and garland pattern!

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Hello lovelies! One week ago I found that the lovely Lisa of 'Piccolecose' togheder with Antonella of 'Un blog a cavolo' hosted a fun Summer gift party. The topic of the party is SUMMER and the participants has to realize a garland inspired to this season:::

This was the first time I join a swap, but I thought it would be a funny way to exchange some love with our blogging friends and discover other! So let't thinking about deep sea, sun-drenched beach, unexplored bay, hot sand and..... ice creams!

In the past week I’ve made up a garlad of ice-cream for the swap::: 

For crochet the ice -cream I decide to create a simple pattern using my yarn stash and recycled corrugated paper seems  perfect for the ice -cream cone!

Ice cream pattern:

sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
slp st: slip stitch

make a magic ring with 6 sc
Round 1: 1 sc every sc (6 sc)
Round 2: 2 sc every sc (12 sc)
Round 3: in the same stich *slp st, make 3dc and then a slp st*
               move to next stitch  *make 3dc and then a slp st*
               move to next stitch * make 3dc and then a slp st*


If you are creative and would like to participate,  there is still a few days to join (you can post your garland until 30th of may) ::: leave a comment on the blog of Lisa or Antonella, create your summer
garland and share on blogs and social with the hashtag #summergiftparty. 

Let's get the party started!!!

venerdì 15 maggio 2015

May is bike month!

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May is Bike Month! Whether you like to go use your bicycle as a primary mode of transportation cause there is something so lovely about travel around knowing you’ve reduced your carbon footprint! Riding a bike around Bologna city amplifies everything magical about it::: with the wind whipping around you and the colorful 'portici' flashing past!

To celebrate Bike Month I decide to take part of the European Cycling Challenge, a urban cyclists team competition that takes place from 1 to 31 May 2015 in different European city::: Bologna is 7th in the leaderboard ! 

Using the app Cycling365 I monitoring kilometers travelling across the city for going work:: it's super funny!

Whatever the reason for your ride, why not celebrate Bike Month with a little bicycle yarn-bombing?

These quick and easy crochet projects are a perfect opportunity to try out new yarns, new stitches or reduce our yarn stash. The best part is, when you’re done, you’ll have a truly customized bike that shows off your creative side!

Crocheted  Basket Bunting by greedy for colour

Crocheted bike seat cover by Carina

Crocheted skirts bike guards La Messer 

Crocheted under-seat bike pack (no pattern)

Images via pinterest 

And you? What is your may inspiration? Have a funny week end everyone!!

venerdì 24 aprile 2015

Crocheting the biggest blanket in the world!

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The association "Mettiamoci una pezza" from Aquila invites you to enter the Guinness World Record by taking part in achieving the biggest crochet blanket in the world!

The idea is to create a large raspberry blanket and assembly it in Trieste on the 20th of June, in 'Piazza Unità D'Italia' for the Guinness Book of Records "the world's biggest blanket "!!!

The association, since 2009 with Yarn bombing and other forms of art, tries to bring attention to the reality of a city (l'Aquila) devastated by the earthquake and ignored by the institutions. This is why this brave women chose to participate in this event through red patches (the entire city center of Aquila is a 'red zone' where time has stood still). 

photo by 'Mettiamoci una pezza' 

To partecipate:

-crochet a red square with yarn or cotton that measure about 50x50cm and sign it with your name and city (this is the facebook page of the event with some example of squares)

send to:

'Associazione Culturale Animammersa'

c/o Patrizia Bernardi

via Strada Statale 17 Bis 87

67100 Paganica (AQ) -ITALY-

NB squares should arrive on 30th of May!!!

My square is almost done::: wanna see yours!

Thanks for reading and happy hooking!


per le amiche italiane:

L'associazione “Mettiamoci una pezza” del'Aquila vi invita entrare nel Guinness World Record partecipando a realizzare la coperta all'uncinetto più grande del mondo!

La'idea è quella di creare una grande coperta, ma grande grande, color lampone e di portarla il 20 Giugno a Trieste, in Piazza Unità d’Italia (quale Piazza migliore) per il Guinnes dei primati “la coperta più grande del mondo”

L'associazione dal 2009 con Yarn bombing e altre forme artistiche cerca di riportare l'attenzione sulla realtà di una città devastata dal terremoto e ignorata dalle istituzioni. 

 Per questo ha scelto di partecipare a questo evento attraverso pezze rosse, per portare la sua denuncia “una zona rossa ovunque si trovi è questione nazionale” .

Vorremmo raccogliere:

–    “pezze” di lana o di cotone di color lampone, rosse quindi, con tutte le sfumature che ne verranno, esclusivamente lavorate all’uncinetto

–     le “pezze” dovranno avere una misura 50x50cm

–     ogni pezza deve essere firmata a punto a croce, punto erba, su stoffa, come volete insomma, purché ci sia il vostro nome e il nome della vostra città

Potete spedire la vostra pezza presso:

Associazione Culturale Animammersa

c/o Patrizia Bernardi

via Strada Statale 17 Bis 87

67100 Paganica (AQ)

Per facilitare l’organizzazione del lavoro di assemblaggio e per predisporre l’installazione, è importante che il vostro materiale arrivi al massimo per il giorno  30 Maggio 2015!

La mia pezza è quasi finita::: aspetto di vedere le vostre copertine!