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lunedì 14 luglio 2014

T-shirt recycling idea

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Hello crafty people! I hope you have all had a great week, I've had a really busy month at work and finding time to crochet has seemed near impossible..anyway there are some projects rambling on my mind that  I want to realize, so... I start to cut old T-shirt! Recycle old band t-shirt is one of my first crafty obsession::: this time I just cut them to tranform in T-shirt yarn (see a nice tutorial here).

If you have some top to recycle make sure the shirts are not ribbed jersey fabric and doesn't have seam up the sides. Is also better to avoid T-shirt with printed logo.. I confess I overlook all this suggestions!
black yarn---> T-shirt with logo
violet yarn---> T-shirt have seam up the sides
red yarn---> T-shirt with logo

With the yarn T-shirt I want to create a chunky basket for my work in progress that actually are stored in an featureless box. I use the most popular pattern on ravelry from Liz of crochet in color:: I crochet the bigger basket and I found this pattern simple and beautiful!

I start creating the bottom of the basket... 

going on crocheting the body:::two round of half double crochet followed by one roud of single crochet, working in back loops only

and ta-dah! Here we are with the finished basket! What do you think?Somewhere there are lumps caused by the side seams that makes the yarn uneven but I think is not so bad at all.

Anyway I had a lot of fun recycling T-shirts in yarn and I'm thinking about my next work:::T-shirt yarn is quick and easy to make. It can be used in an endless array of projects::: from necklace to rug, take alook at my inspiration board here

And You? How are your crafty makes going? Have a great monday!

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♥Rose Hill♥ ha detto...

Wow Silvia, What a nice idea of recycling a t-shirt... I realize i have quite a number of them and i could do the same with. You inspire me... Thank you!


Nicole ha detto...

I think it's brilliant that you broke all the 'rules' and your basket looks great! I've got some t-shirt yarn although I didn't make it. It seems to be much thicker than yours and it's really hard to work with, but I might try the pattern you linked to and see if that works out :-)

Tämä Pöllö ha detto...

Hello Ladies! I'm so glad you are been inspired by my T-shirt recycling!I'm waiting to see your project! Have a great week end!

Natas Nest ha detto...

What a lovely basket! Well done :-). Maybe one day I'll try this too, it's fun, useful and pretty all in one.

decoriciclo ha detto...

E' molto bello anche il tuo, capiente e comodo con quelle belle maniglie. =)

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