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giovedì 5 giugno 2014

DIY your weekend::: Recycled jars

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Hi everyone! I hope you having a great week so far::: now it's time to organize our crafty weekend! This time the idea came from my pantry:::I'm an empy jar collector! It seems like such a shame to throw those away! Furthemore the web is full of interesting ways to use jars and recycled glass bottles. The ideas are endless::: I select 5 different way to re-purpose glass jars for a craft addicted! 

1. Pin cushion jar::: organize your sewing kit / thanks to funkytime

2. Dress them up with crochet and embroidery decoration::: perfect to place your needls and hooks / thanks to Tanya

3.Decorate the lid with cute pattern:::  pretty gift jar / thanks to Klaske

4. Decorate with colorful motif::: light up your summer dinners in the garden / thanks to Nuria

5. Paint them::: become a perfect place to stuff your  pencils / thanks to kootutmurut

Happy crafty weekend!

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♥Rose Hill♥ ha detto...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.... I'm going to try out some of these fantastic ideas... Hugs!

Chrissie Crafts ha detto...

Lovely ideas - I just washed out a few teeny jars from a hotel stay, they were too cute to leave in the room, so this post will give me some good inspiration...Chrissie x

Nicky Miranda ha detto...

Che belle idee!i primi mi piacciono un sacco!Ciao e Buona domenica!

Nicole ha detto...

Hi Silvia! I love your blog, it's really beautiful :-) I love the painted glass jars, have you painted the inside? I've only ever made crochet/knitted covers for them but these are much prettier

Tämä Pöllö ha detto...

Thank you Nicole :) The jars are paintend inside but is a kootutmurut creation. I write this post because I hope to be inspired but the destiny of my jar collection is still uncertain..I have to paint them or made a crochet cover? Happy sunday!:::Silvia

Anitha ha detto...

Fantastic ideas to make use of glass jars.. i have some empty jars and have to try these.. thanks for the inspiration :)

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