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martedì 17 giugno 2014

Summer chameleon

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Hello lovelies!  Summer here is very uncertain and this affect my mood.. Last week we have extremely hot day following pleasant spring days and I try to survive this heat shock (no way to find some relax crocheting after work.. just have shower and lying on the couch!). On friday start to rain for hour and then hail, storm with thunder and lightning... and now it seems autumn. So I decide that it's time to show you some winter work... just waiting for a spot of light to make some picture!

:::Summer, summer, summer chameleon::: 

:::you come and go, you came and go:::

:::Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dream:::

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Maddalena ha detto...

Amo il mare in tutte le sue sfumature !Un abbraccio

Nicky Miranda ha detto...

Così mi piace: deserto! Per questo d'estate ormai lo evito.;-)

Anitha ha detto...

Sometimes the weather is unpredictable :) it's so hot here in Abu Dhabi, i wish for winter in summer.. hope your summer is as good as in your dreams.. have a great day!

♥Rose Hill♥ ha detto...

Oh tell me about it! Heat gets on my nerves lol.... Hope you get more pleasant spring day!!

Nicole ha detto...

The weather has been just like that in England too, it can be really beautiful hot one minute and then grey the next. Fingers crossed for some prolonged good weather for us all :-)

Tämä Pöllö ha detto...

Thank you girls for your kind comment.. the whether is good now! :)

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