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lunedì 26 maggio 2014

Granny Squares Blanket #update

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Hello dear, how are your projects coming along? It's time for an update of the Mood blanket 2014 project::: I know that is not such a big project, because I do only four squares every month but I am enjoy my blanket making! Crochet granny squares is so relaxing and in my imaginary represent sentimental ties and family love. 

I'll been inspired by spring colour doing April and May squares::: so there is a lot of green! 

I show you the June squares inspired to the sea colour:::look back on our last holiday on Isola d'Elba!

Have a nice week! :::Silvia

7 commenti:

Chrissie Crafts ha detto...

Your colour combinations are so interesting and beautiful! Chrissie x

Anitha ha detto...

Pretty granny squares with beautiful colors! you have a lovely blog :)

Maddalena ha detto...

Sono sicura che sarà bellissima e i colori ai quali ti ispiri ti ricorderanno giornate e paesaggi !
Buon lavoro

Tämä Pöllö ha detto...

Many thanks for your nice comment! Actually this is my favourite project!:::Silvia

Ana BC ha detto...

Nice progress, Silvia. The colors are lovely :-)

♥Rose Hill♥ ha detto...

Hi Silvia, Your squares are coming along really beautiful. I love the colours that you have used for them. Green is good... Can't wait to see the finished project... :)


Tämä Pöllö ha detto...

Dear Ana and Ruth , thank you for your kind words!::: have a nice week!

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