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giovedì 16 ottobre 2014

Sunny days

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The days become shorter in October, but the sun still beautifully warming and energizing our last week end. Strangely, we are still wearing shorts and T-shirts around here... such a lovely way to start this season and to forget the summer madness! So we take the opportunity to enjoy the last warm days eating ice cream and hang around vintage street market:::

Ther are some cute stalls and I found some lovely vintage buttons ::: I have two purse just waiting for them!

Is not time to wear mittens but I realize that in my previous post I didn't show you any picture of  them:::So I decide to wear my fingerless gloves just for a moment to show you how they fit::: and ta-dah!

And you ? Are you planning a crafty or a rambler week end? 

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Julia Elena ha detto...

Autumn in Poland is so cold and cloudy - we have to wear coats, gloves, hats and scarfs, especially in the mornings. I've already cought a cold!
Your mittens have such lovely colours - I love grey tones mixed with another colour like pink, mustard or lemon green :)

Jill at emeraldcottage ha detto...

We've had lots of rain but today was very mild (and mostly dry) plus they are saying it will be very warm again this weekend hurrah!
I found you whilst blog hopping, would be great to see you over at

Géraldine B. ha detto...

Love your mittens. Here In france it's raining but not cold.... This week end I have to drive to the south of France for medical cares... for 3 weeks ! Enjoy your week end !

airali ha detto...

Molto carini i tuoi guanti e sicuramente pratici! Anche da me... nonostante un primo accenno di autunno qualche settimana fa... le temperature sono da manica corta (ma purtroppo niente bottoni vintage all'orizzonte!)

Ana BC ha detto...

Lovely mittens ♥

♥Rose Hill♥ ha detto...

Its still so warm in India.... I'm longing for some cold foggy days, for a chance to pullnout some of my cozy winter coats, boots and gloves....

Your mittens are very pretty!

Anitha ha detto...

The temperature is cooling off a little but it still looks like summer here in Abu dhabi... the mittens look lovely! have a great day!!

Melatia ha detto...

Love this, great idea! : )

I fiori di Marica ha detto...

Bologna! C'eravamo anche noi!

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