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giovedì 23 ottobre 2014

My crafty space

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Hello lovelies, how does the week going? In my previuos post I tell you my searching for smart projects and ideas to organise my wool storage and my creative space::: I'm so glad you are inspired by, so thanks for all your sweet comments!

I have some ideas pops into my heads but still nothing clear. So we took a trip to Ikea on Saturday and  looked up different storage units, but soon I realize that to get the perfect yarn storage box I  have to build my own dividers:::  Happily I have the answer::: I see a perfect storage solution in All About Ami lovely blog! 

She use a very adaptable and cheap material (corrugated plastic) to build up  some storage unit::: I have to try it! My boyfriend measured the height, length and depth of my shelf and did some calculations then cut each piece of corrugated plastic::: put togheder and Ta-da! 

My yarn is organized by colour, fibers type and size in each compartment!  Now I am able to see what yarn I have very clearly::: which prevent buying random yarn. (I'm not sure of the last statement).

 I am so happy with my new organised things! 

I'm sorry for the picture quality but it's getting harder by the day to photograph things in this autumn light and the clocks haven't even changed yet.


So thanks for popping over and I'll see you soon!

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KNIT TEA ha detto...

It`s wonderful!!

Géraldine B. ha detto...

oh that's a great stirage, i like it ! well done and thought !! nice crafty place ! have a creative happy day !

Blue Eyed Night Owl ha detto...

That looks great! I tend to keep my own stash in plastic boxes(keep moths out, and I don't realy have room for even more bookcases haha), but I love it when people do actually show it off.

Natas Nest ha detto...

What a funny idea! And so useful, looks great. Enjoy :D. Happy weekend and thanks for your sweet comment on my baby blanket :-).
Nata xxx

Julia Elena ha detto...

I adore your craft space! It's a really good idea to keep all skeins like this. I should also think about such yarn storage :)

Marion Ogden ha detto...

It's a clever storage space and looks great too.
Have a lovely day!

Marion (

szyleczko ha detto...

Ciao! Sei Italiana? Ho studiato italiano qualche anno fa e non sono sicura se posso parlare la lingua italiana perche non lo uso adesso... ma volevo provare ;)
Your storage system is just brilliant! I'm speechless! When my hubby comes back from work today, I'm going to show it to him and ask him to make a similar one for me! So far, I've been keeping my yarn in different cardboard boxes but that's much better! In fact, I've rearranged some books recently and have a half-empty bookcase - just perfect! What an idea! Thanks for the inspiration and for dropping by :)
Ho scritto in inglese perche purtroppo non pottrei dire tutte queste cose in italiano, scusami...

Nicole ha detto...

Your yarn storage looks great, it's so nice to be able to see all the lovely colours. I'm having the same problems with light too. By the time I get home from work it's dark so I only really have the weekend to take photos :( x

szyleczko ha detto...

I have my own now :):):) Thank you for the inspiration!!!

annamaria magda ha detto...

Wonderful thinds, congratulations for idea.greetings from Warsaw

Jones Morris ha detto...

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