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sabato 11 ottobre 2014

DIY your weekend::: Yarn storage

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 According to a recent published research messy desk people are more creative. I'm an extremely creative person so my desk is full of random stuff  as my closet::: but my excel file at work are very carefully organized (I know myself!). My ideal desk::::

As my random stuff my yarn stash continue to grow and grow! When new  ideas pops into my head there always seems to be a need to buy more yarn of different colours and size!  I  used to store my yarn in a featureless box, but soon it became full and I found yarn stash spreading through the whole house.  This made it difficult finding particular yarns and colours and also make the house a mess! 

So I decide to organise my wool storage::: I was looking for smart projects and  I collect few ideas found online that might inspire your own organizational endeavors:::

Some smart ideas:::

Some vintage addict solution:::

Some recycling ideas:::

Some shabby inspiration::::

  Images are from my Yarn storage inspiration Pinterest board::: 

And you? Do you have a smart/crazy yarn storage solution?

Happy crafty weekend!

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Géraldine B. ha detto...

My yarn is stored on big shelves i've made and some big boxes. My oranisation is to stare the yarn according to the composition : 100%wool on the shelves, and the others in boxes. and then I stire by colors. You can see it on my blog in "workspace". Have fun with your storage work .... and ahve a lovely day !

Nicky Miranda ha detto...

Nonostante i miei sforzi,io non so più dove metterla...ho lana che spunta ovunque!Buon fine settimana!

KNIT TEA ha detto...

My wool are on all sides !! I'll think of something for them. Thanks for your inspiring ideas

Knit and Tea

Sibi ha detto...

I love your collection ... the colors are very pretty :)
On ideas to organize your wool, I prefer the idea of ​​recycling.


P.S.: Sorry for my English, I do not usually practice much. It's funny, we call in the same way. and you have a new reader because I loved your blog. And thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Lucie ha detto...

Bonjour! wow ! so beautiful color! I like it!
Have a nice week!

ranjitha@Hookingtheyarn ha detto...

Amazing yarn storage inspirations!! I want to have a craft room all for myself and my yarn and crafty stuff in my next house(I don't have one currently). My table is messier than anybody's. every place I crochet becomes a mess ;-)

Laura ha detto...

I have a messy desk but full of colors. All the ideas are cute.
Have a nice day!

Irene Escamilla ha detto...


Viola ha detto...

I am still looking for a good idea to store my yarn. I have several boxes and baskets all over the house but it is far from being perfect. First, I do need a room where I am able to store all my yarn. And then again, I am quite a messy person... Tell us, if you've come to a decision. Viola

Hannapat ha detto...

Oh wow, some really lovely ideas. I have mine scattered all around the house. In fact I don't think I have a room without yarn (the way it should be), but I do use storage for it. Apple crates are my fave! xoxo

Nicole ha detto...

I'm a messy person so yay! I love these yarn storage ideas, but be careful with wool incase moths try to eat it :)

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