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domenica 7 settembre 2014

Pop up your september

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Hello dear readers! September It's a new month, so it's time for a new crochet project!  I have a deep affection for bulky yarn, and this time I use it to make a colourful zippered pouch! 

I was searching for a pattern of a cozy purse and I found this lovely project of  Lindsay and immediatly fall in love with! I realize two bags with the same shape but with different colors::: aren't they super-pop?

Now I need two colourful zippers, a beautiful piece of fabric, a sewing machine and someone to teach me how to sew the zipper to the crochet clutch!

This is a short post because my luggage is ready for another break:::I'm gonna spend two weeks in the beautiful Sardinia island! 

Hope you have a great sunday and an inspiring september!

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Nicky Miranda ha detto...

Deliziose!Mi piacciono molto i colori che hai scelto e come li hai abbinati!

Melatia ha detto...

Who doesn't love bulky yarns?? And your purses are super cute! : )

Nicole ha detto...

These colours go really well together! Just sew in one half of the zip with some cotton and then do the opposite side. It's easier if it's inside out, but don't forget to leave an opening so you can unzip it :-)

Anitha ha detto...

Lovely purses! love the color combo as well.. have fun at your trip :)

moonstruckcreations ha detto...

Beautiful - I really love the colours you have used.


Helen ha detto...

They're lovely and colourful!! have a lovely break :)

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