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sabato 27 settembre 2014

Doing homework

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Hello crafty people! It's been a while since I had show you some squares regarding the mood blanket 2014 contest!  But school is already started and for sure I do my homework!

I'm enjoying every step of this journey but during the last month my little mountains of squares grew and grew, and I have to confess that I can't wait to assembly the blanket!

Thank you for your sweet comments in my previous post, they really motivate me::: I have a big news::: a fingerless gloves pattern with tutorial will be published here on the blog very soon! I took the last pictures for my upcoming step-by-step tutorial and I laid down the written pattern so it will be released soon. Stay tuned! 

And you ::: What have you been working on? Wishing you a happy week end!

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moonstruckcreations ha detto...

I love your squares. I am also in on this challenge, and it will soon be time to start joining the squares I have made. Cant wait!!


Melatia ha detto...

I really want to make a mood blanket, maybe next year... your squares look lovely, I really like the colours you chose and how you mixed them! : )
Have a great weekend! ; )

myworldofwool ha detto...

Hello! Their squares are beautiful!
I hope that soon you can show you his gloves!
Have a nice day!

Pigtails ha detto...

Hey that is a nice pile of moods! I think the final product will be so pretty! Love the throw made by your mom in a posting below too - gorgeous to have it on your bed now! PS I just saw on FB photos of friends of ours, they are travelling Bologna at the moment!

Lucie ha detto...

Very cute!
Have a nice day!

Viola ha detto...

Your squares are awesome. I am really curious how the blanket will look like. It is such a bright mixture of colours. I just finished a hot water bottle cover as it is getting cold here in the northern part of Germany. Have a nice evening, Viola

Anitha ha detto...

beautiful and colorful squares... can't wait for your tutorial.. have a fun weekend!

Meri - La Mar de Ideas ha detto...

I like your granny squares!!

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