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lunedì 5 maggio 2014

Monday update

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Hello there!
I realize that I have a lot of work in progress ongoing and It's time for an update!
This two weeks has come around so quickly... I have some days off and I can visit my parents near Rome. 

Our house is in a small village in the countryside and  I have (finally!) time to going around and collect my thoughts. When the whether is not so nice I have been working on some ideas and going on with the vintage scarf and other WIP... So keep in touch because I want to show you some project! Have a nice week ! 


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Shabby Chic Crochet ha detto...

Hi Sylvia, Thank you for coming by my place, for your kind comment. I loved living in a village when I was younger... and i so terribly miss it now. Beautiful picture of your hometown.

Tämä Pöllö ha detto...

Thank you! I enjoy living in a village when I was younger and miss life in the countryside! :::Silvia

Cosy Red ha detto...

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. I love your granny square blanket xxx

Tämä Pöllö ha detto...

Thank you Emma!:::have a nice week!

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