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lunedì 12 gennaio 2015

Striped handwarmer pattern

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Hello crafty people! Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post on my makes, your encouragement does mean a lot to me!  As I tell you before December days were busy days so I have no time to sit down and write the fingerless gloves pattern. But now that the holidays are behind us and we came back to the daily routine It's time to whip up some projects:::

ch = chain
sc = simple crochet
sl st = slip stitch

Ribbed Wrist Cuff:

COLOR A   STEP 1.    Chain 11. SC in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1, turn

STEP 2. SC in Back Loop Only of each st across. Ch 1, turn.
STEP 3. Rows 3 – 13: Repeat Step 2
STEP 5. Row 14: Working in BLO and through remaining sts of starting ch, slst both ends together to form a tube. Ch 1 but DO NOT turn.

Left Hand:

ROW 1. INCREASE: *2 sc in next sc, sc in next 7 sts*. Repeat from * to *around.
ROW 2. Attach color B. Ch 1, sc in each st across, sl st to first sc to join the round.
ROW 3. Repeat Row 2
ROW 4. Attach color A. Ch 1, sc in each st across.
ROW 5. Repeat Row 4
ROW 6. Attach color B. Ch 1, sc in each st across.
ROW 7. Repeat Row 6
ROW 8. Attach color A. Ch 1, sc in each st across.
ROW 9. Repeat Row 8
ROW 10. Attach color B. Ch1, INCREASE: *2 sc in next sc, sc in next 5 sts*. Repeat from * to *around.
ROW 11. Ch 1,SC in each st across.
ROW 12. Attach color A. Ch 1, SC in each st across.
ROW 13. Repeat Row 12


ROW 14. Attach color B. Ch 1, sc in next 4 sc, ch 7, leave next 7  sc unworked, and work sc in each of next sc around, sl st to join round.
ROW 15. Ch1, sc in each st around and sl st to join round.
ROW 16. Attach color A. Ch 1, SC in each st across.
ROW 17. Repeat Row 16

Right Hand:

Work as for left one until row 13.
Round 14: Attach color B. Ch 1, sc in each sc around until last 7 sts, ch7, leave next 7 sc unworked and join with sl st to top of beg.
Work remaining rounds of handwarmer as for the left one.

I'm so happy with how they came out! I think I'm improve a little bit in respect to my first and awkward attemp to design gloves::: The pattern is really easy to make even for beginners and mittens will keep your hands and wrists warm this winter!

I used a 4 mm hook and soft wool (Drops Karisma is the yarn used in the sample). The color choices are endless; don't be afraid to mix things up! 

Hoping you have a fabulous week!

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Valentina Olden Patterns ha detto...

Very nice, and look cosy indeed!

airali ha detto...

Il giallo che adoro e le righe... che dire? Bellissimi :)

Nicole ha detto...

Love love love! x

Julia Elena ha detto...

I love your mittens, I definiately have to try your pattern out! Thanks for sharing it with us, xoxox

ranjitha@Hookingtheyarn ha detto...

Lovely mitts. I want to make one for myself too. My cabin at work is sometimes cold and I would to have one on while typing on the keyboard. so warm and cozy :-)
Thank you so much for the pattern! :-)

Simona ha detto...

Thank you for sharing. Look great, I must try ribbed cuff.
I feel a little bit ashamed that I still haven't respond to your Liebster nomination. It's on my to do list! Simona

Maggie ha detto...

Thank you for following my blog!
I like yours too. And these mittens are so lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

Helen ha detto...

They're gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing :) xx

cristina ha detto...

Your fingerless gloves look great! I like the combination of orange and gray!
and also a big hug for you!

I fiori di Marica ha detto...

Molto belli i guanti e belle anche le foto! ;)

Géraldine B. ha detto...

Thnak you very much for the pattern !!! so great mits !!! Have a lovely week end !

Gabriella Pirola ha detto...

Ciao!!! vengo dal linky di Alex per conoscerti, belli questi tuoi lavori!, ti seguo! a presto Gabry

Natas Nest ha detto...

Very pretty & nice color combination! Thanks for sharing!
Greetings, Nata xxx

iTommasini4u ha detto...

Bellissimi i guanti bellissima Bologna a fare da cornice alle tue creazioni... ho riconosciuto la finestrella in via della Piella. Ma nella prima foto dove sei?? Grazie del tuo commento, ti seguirò volentieri. Buona giornata, Giorgia

Artemiss Artbeauty ha detto...

Beautiful ! I love these type of gloves. They are my favorites <3

Maria ha detto...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Love the colour combination you've used for these gloves - very cute!
Maria x

Maddalena ha detto...

Davvero belli ! Super tutorial , mi piacciono le fotografie che lo accompagnano !Un abbraccio e a presto

Norma ha detto...

Very nice and usefull, I love also the color.

Antonella ha detto...

Veramente belli! Grazie per il tutorial ^_^

arte in legno ha detto...

Ciao, tutorial utile!
Arrivo dal linky party di Marianne ... se ti va passa a trovarmi
A presto

Muscetta ha detto...

Very beautiful and warm. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day. Tina

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