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lunedì 9 febbraio 2015

February !

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I'm happy that we've hit February already! The days are slowly start to become longer,  the bulbs in the pots are pushing through, San valentine day will arrive soon and Carnival street party will bring colors and joy around!

This week is full of nice events and lovely moments:::

my new set of hooks::: I have only metal hook but crocheting a lot Christmas stuffs make me recognize that I need to shift to something more confortable... and ta dah the perfect birthday present!

friends dinner party at a fair trade and organic restaurant in the city centre::: I discover bulgur and I fell in love with it! This week I'm planning on filling my body with fresh and in season vegetables to be a little bit more energised!

my new hearb tea berries:::

new project for a baby born, discovering amigurumi:::  I'm excited to explore a whole new range of possibilities from stuffed animals and dolls, to finger  puppets and anime inspired projects! 

Wishing you a healthy and happy week of hooking!!!

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Valentina Olden Patterns ha detto...

Well, a belated happy birthday from me! Nice gifts indeed! ; )

Ingrid K. ha detto...

Hello Silvia!
Happy birthday (belated) to you!!! Hope you had a nice time! I also got this set of crochet hooks, very handy indeed!
I love your little amigurumi! :)
Have a nice week!
Ingrid xx

Viola ha detto...

Hello Silvia, happy belated birthday from me! Your crochet hooks look beautiful, last year I got wooden hooks as a present, They are very nice, as well. I have never really tried amigurumi, but your bunny looks funny! Have a nice week, Viola

linda ha detto...

Belated happy birthday! I have those crochet hooks and they are lovely and comfortable to work with, love your little bunny. :) x

Géraldine B. ha detto...

Happy birthday ! In late ...but ... !! Your set is great !! I like the colors !!! Love your little bunny too !! So have a creative day !

♥Rose Hill♥ ha detto...

Oh I love the set of hooks you got. Lovely!! And Happy belated Birthday. have a fabulous year!!


Nicky Miranda ha detto...

Buon Compleanno in ritardo e ...stupendi gli uncinetti!

Lisa Di Sabato ha detto...

Bellissimo il tuo nuovo set di uncinetti, sono sicura che vedremo presto un esercito di simpatici animaletti nel tuo blog! Auguroni in ritardo!

Michela ha detto...

Hello Silvia,
I'm happy because I found you and your blog! :)
Thank you for visiting mine some days ago.

Vesna Grudnik ha detto...

vauuu nice:)))

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